Monday, 15 November 2010


So last night while watching TV I noticed the shilouette created by the refection of light by metal objects inside this little house-shaped box my sister made to hold her jewellery objects (SHAMELESS FAMILY ADVERTISEMENT HERE) It looked like a landscape with a tree and mountains maybe in the distance. Well I thought so anyway and thought I'd share this miracle apparition :)
I'm re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows this week in preparation for the movie coming out this Friday.

While I am not big fan of the movies so much (I always walk away going "but they didn't show this or that/ my favourite characters". I am a massive fan of the books needless to say, but having grown up with Harry Potter releases every year or so since I was 10, the idea that they are almost about to end is a strange one. It's like I'm a grown up or something - ARGH what a scary thought!
I sent out a few letters today:
A reply to Bianca, I feel bad sending it back so soon when she always has so many people to reply to.

For Danni, she didn't get to go and see the Dachshund UN because she had a market stall on selling her jewellery, so I figured she might like this one for keeps.

To the lovely Felicity who commented on my blog the other day I stalked her a bit and love her blog!

And have updated my Etsy with a few more envelopes... the last week or so has seen my stack of crappy weekend newspaper magazines transform into over 60 envelopes, along with some old storybooks, so be on the lookout for a gradual increase in variety at the shop.

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  1. SPOILER!! I'll be looking forward to this, thank you!!! : )