Friday, 19 November 2010

A Posty Post

Yay it's been a good mail week this week. Some nice surprises! I hope you have all had a good one.
It's been mega hot also, I can feel summer coming to punch me in the face very soon! I really have no idea why I was longing for the heat for so long... clearly Europe made me think that we have mild nice bearable summers here is Aus - I was LYING TO MYSELF!

Parcel from Julie returning my B&W Photo Journal. It was her swap, but most people went a bit AWOL, so she sent it back to me so it wouldn't get lost... I'll post up the wicked cool photos it contains next.

Postcrossing from Belarus

Postcrossing from China - RAAWR

Postcrosing from Russia - LOVE Polar Bears (my childhood soft toy is a Polar Bear)

Letter from Carrie who was hanging out in Victoria, BC, Canada

Postcrossing PC

Postcrossing PC

A super surprise package from Sammie holding some amazing postcards!

Returning the favour of the postcards, I sent Sammie some of my envies

Parcel of postal goodness swap - It contained some really amazing MAP stationery!! (I'm in love with maps at the moment!)

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