Wednesday, 28 July 2010

So Much Post!

The post pile was so ridiculously huge when I got home... that I couldn't wait to photo it all (my camera was completely full of holiday photos!) and just opened away!
But thank you to Sue who sent me a fabulous Stationery Swap! 2B pencils for the win!
I got a letter from Zoe which I promptly replied to with some holiday details.

There were also about 15 Postcards! It was nice to be receiving some after just sending, sending, sending, them from all over the place in Europe! (even if some of the ones i recieved were sent by me). My PC door is now looking very full with lots of interesting cards!

I have sent off a couple also. There was a swap on Swapbot which required a PC to a partner, and one to a library in the US who would then distribute them to the kids that came along to the holiday classes they were holding. I LOVED the idea!

I have been making some envies to pass the time before Uni. I spent a couple of dollars at Good Sammies on picture books, and have made up some Robin Hood and Sesame Street ones so far... I'm in love with them all, but I think I might need to part with them at a market stall my sister and I are planning to occupy in the coming months.

Apart from this due to my posting being a little out of sorts as I settle back in to home I haven't documented any other swaps etc. that I have sent, but I have some on the horizon, particularly Bianca of Goodnight Little Spoon's Mix Share Swap, which I am already mulling over in my head.
Until the next delivery,
Au revoir


  1. I love those picture book envelopes. Save me a Robin Hood one to buy! And send me the details as to when/where you'll be selling them. :)

  2. I would like a sesame street one!