Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Before too long...

Well before I totally forget how to blog...
I got back from my trip a couple of weeks ago and have been nursing a terrible cold (which I suspect my have developed into something a little more sinister) but totally over the moon about my European Experience!
I loved every minute I spent there, even thought I sprained my ankles, and the French people were so rude. There is so much to see, do, and EAT that all the bad things were quickly forgotten!
My favourite countries were Italy, Switzerland and the UK. I will certainly be returning there for a more in-depth exploration, and I was much more impressed with Germany than I thought I would be! A lot of people I met were making a trek down to Spain, and those of whom I have been in contact with since, have all gushed at it's brilliance... so that is on the next trip list also!
Most of all I was impressed by how "ART" the continent is! Their lifestyles are designed in such a way as to fully enjoy and take advantage of the good things - siesta anybody? - I just loved how much they enjoy the beautiful!
So here are a few of my favourite pics from the trip.
Notting Hill
Tower Bridge, London
French Motorway
Swarovski Museum, Austria
St Goar


  1. Oh I LOVE Love Love the dog picture (and I'm not normally soppy over animals). I just passed though Dubai myself last Saturday but didn't get any photos :(
    No wonder you had a cold going from the beautiful sunshine Europe has experience to the top of a mountain in Switzerland.

  2. I know I felt a bit lame taking the photo myself.... but there was just something about him!
    Thanks for the kind words :D