Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Mail Call

It's been far to long since the last one of these! Apologies for the tardiness :)

3x correspondence with Gabby
Postcard from my best friend when she was visiting New Zealand
Water-colour from Jenny

2x Sheilta

Above are a bunch of Postcrossing and Swap bot postcards
Lauren sent me something
Paranormal Mail Art
Valentines card from Carrie

2 above from Angie (and Snookie)
Gorgeous (yet sad) Brisbane flood damaged photo
Help Japan postcards from a lovely lady in Sweden
From the fabulous Farmageddon
Card that came with Alaia from Adeline
Mosaic Art
Crystal sent me a super bunch of goodies
The following are outward bound, but not all of what I sent, I forgot to photo a few letters.
Some dry for a Brisbane lass
Dial 000
Some simple collage
Some bling
Wise words
George the Hungry Lion
Punk Bear


  1. Hi Molly - received your card - there are brighter days ahead & slowly everything is getting back to normal here- but not all over Brisbane - some people are still not back in their homes - could be months/years!!!! Next we'll be complaining about the cold. how dry it is, or, come next summer, how hot & humid it is! Thanks for the card - love your work - Chris

  2. Super fun mail! I got the package you sent me and it is simply the best. Thank you so much for all the goodies. You can expect something from me soon.
    Hope you have a wonderfully creative weekend.
    Much Love,

  3. P.S. I love the wise lion so cute! Nice to see that the quote on fabric could be used again :)