Wednesday, 2 February 2011

There is just something about this picture that I love

I stumbled accross this photo on That Kind Of Woman, It's from Concept Blanc originally. There is something about it that I love. The nonchalance of the (slightly inaccessible/ photo shoot perfect) ladies. The understated but textually rich pallet of their clothes. I like the repeat of the three girls on the right all looking to the left. The bike in the foreground. The fact that it is clearly in a city far more cosmopolitan and exciting than Perth. But most of all I love the chair they are sitting on.
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It reminds me of how the Parisians sit at their cafes and people-watch everybody walking past. If I ever have my dream shop it WILL have a people watching bench out the front! Even if I am the only one who uses it, sittting in the sun sipping tea. Perth people tend to be a bit suspicious of things that are "there for your enjoyment".
Ramble over. I like this photo, and free chairs!

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