Monday, 24 January 2011

Some of the lovely post I've been seeing lately

This month and a bit has been a little slow for mail... both in and out.
Excitingly I got a postcard on Andy's REALwall (I couldn't resist the 'Like' button, it was supremely appropriate) I joined IUOMA which is a great Mail Art community. I have been overwhelmed by friendly people and cool inspiration.
Other things on the in/out list are as follows:

A Munari Story of paper book from my sister. Its from this awesome shop Upon a fold

Aska sent me an introduction to her project. Contact her at aska[dot]doll[at]gmail[dot]com if you are interested in joining in... she wants it to be massive. Now I have to start work on my response to send back.

Postcrossing from China

A lovely year of the rabbit PC from Lauren off

A ridicuously cool package of goodies form Felicity. I LOVED the short story she included (The Smile on Happy Chang's Face by Tom Perrotta) and also treasure the very special horse notebook... check out her blog she is one super cool cat!

The BEST Christmas stamp ever from my cousin in the UK... even though Wallace and Gromit gave me nightmares when I was little (that psychopath mute penguin anybody??) I still have a soft spot for the long-suffering Gromit!

Very elegant Freebie postcard from Reauk

Freebie Postcard from Melissa in the US

This Postcrossing PC had THE LARGETS STAMP EVER!! Check it!!

New Year's resolution PC from Kaz

The first 2 postcards my friend Jayzii has ever sent... I am proud to have been the one to recieve them!

Black and White PC swap from the USA

I might just have to re-award the title of "Coolest postcard I have ever recieved" to this lovely! A WHOLE POSTCARD DEDICATED TO THE FUNNY VEGETABLE STAMPS FROM FINLAD I AM IN LOVE WITH. (If the capitals were not giveaway I really like them!) Thank you thank you thank you to Postcrosser Ella, I am writing back with rewards soon :)

Letter to Gaby from IOUMA

Letter to Angie from IUOMA

A package to Aaron for the Disposable Lens Project

Sending out my envie giveaway to some lovey ladies - Felicity, Ariadne, and Zoe.

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  1. You are so sweeeeeeet! I'm glad you liked the goods!

    That huge postage stamp is awesome!!! : D