Thursday, 11 November 2010

FAIL! and some post

Ok so I failed at my mission. It has been about 3 weeks since I added to my creative journal. sadface. Uni essays and then being away from it for too long contributed, but I think the main factor was my laziness.
But anyway, now I am working, uni is over (my first of 5 semesters YAY), and it's been way too long since I did a mail post. Lots has been arriving, and I forgot (a lot) to photo everything I sent out, but there are a few things. My Postcrossing lag has caught up with me, so I sent out a bunch of cards today.
Ch-ch-check it!
Postcrossing to USA

Letter back to Layne

A postcard for my friend Natalie to cheer her up after her exams

Postcrossing to Germany

Postcrossing to Taiwan

Swapbot - A Parcel of Postal Goodness swap from Mary Anne

A super package from Bianca containing her Disposable Lens camera and a lovely long letter.

Poscrossing from Gudrun in Germany this is an illustration! I thought at first look it was some strange Gernam thing to have cows on their roofs!

Postcrossing from Similka in Finland

Paranormal Mail Art from Eduardo in Portugal

Postcrossing from V in Finland. Apparently you are supposed to jump out of the sauna and into a hole in the ice to dunk in the freezing water! CRAZINESS!!!

Letter Writers Alliance first letter from Tanya in Florida

Postcrossing from Saskia in the Netherlands

Letter Writers Alliance Letter from Layne in Portland which contained a wicked little map! (I put it in my journal for Uni because it was of all the places he had lived, similar kind of personal maps that Guy Debord did with the situationalistis in Paris in the olden days)

A letter from Dharshan in Armidale NSW. He's coming home soon YAY!!

Postcrossing from Sandra in Germany, she went to Hamburg for a postcrossing meet up which sounded so cool!

Postcrossing from Yi Xuan Zhong in Taiwan postcard from Lauren. I LOVE FLAMINGOS!! this is a super cool card so I have to hunt her down and send her something equally awesome back :)

Postcrossing from Kai in Singapore.... now I'm super hungry for chicken rice, satay, ice katchang, and bread bread! it's so not fair!

Postcrossing from China, my partner sent me a picture of Tibet, she said it was the most peaceful place in the world. I don't know about that (from a political point of view) but I suppose it's just a matter of perspective.

Postcrossing from Tome in Japan.

Just today I received a lovely comment on my blog about my creative project journal from a lovely lady and I have been resolved to ressurect it! so thank you Felicity Lingle I suppose this blogging stuff really does keep you honest about things hey!

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