Monday, 13 September 2010


Vera Möller: darkrooming was on at the Fremantle Arts Centre. It was intriguing to see. the whole room was transformed into this kind of cross between a laboratory and a museum. I loved how only some things would glow even if they were in a stack of identical or similar things. It looked a bit like an artists study into how to play with a bunch of mediums, that maybe had undergone some kind of exposure to nuclear energy or something... Ok I do tend to make up stories when I go to see art exhibitions like this.
A cool blog I have been following came up with a mind-reading moment today: Give The Emperor Some Clothes addressed a problem I have often wondered about. If you were invisible (which by the way would be my chosen supernatural power) would you be able to see yourself? I think no. But really how different is that to normal. Do you ever feel weird when you look at yourself in a picture or something and think "Is that REALLY what I look like?" sometimes I think, my perceived image of who I am, doesn't really matches up with what I actually look like.
I'm going all psycho-analytical today... my beauty lecture turned into a bit of a Freud expose today so I am all for a bit of introspective deep thinking.

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