Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sunday 28/Feb

Well what an enjoyable Sunday this was! The greatly anticipated arrival of Franz Ferdinand with Future Music Festival was upon Danni and I and we were shaking in our shoes with excitement. On reflection seeing one of our favourite bands twice in just over a year is getting a bit spoilt... I suppose it shows the change in the music industry from records making the big bucks to being required to tour to have an income. I am certainly not complaining!
Franzy Pants were great! I think I have established a bit of a better photo-taking routine for mosh pits in the last 13 months as a greater majority of this round of pictures were actually in focus.
I love the part or their set where they all gather around the drums and have a bit of a bash-out. And Alex never disappoints with is charismatic gaze and deep dark grumbling voice!

The great thrill of the day though was basking in the glory of Emperor Steel of Empire of the Sun! I am not sure I have ever seen a show with such complete production quality, ever. And this was at an outdoor music festival!! It was so amazingly stunning... I can keep going with the adjectives but I think you get the point.

Ok 5 costume changes for the Emperor alone... not to mention his 4 dancers who morphed from pygmy puffballs to sword fish to geisha in the space of a 50 min set! And the music was of a great quality, not at all overshadows by the theatrics.

So apart from the 40+ degree heat and the 25min wait at the gate to get in, this was such a great day! And I believe that terribly dirty shoes is always a good sign that a festival has been a success!

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