Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Monday 1/3

I am seriously beginning to realise the super potential that public holidays have now that I am actually working... today as a family we used mum's birthday (or christmas... it all blends together at that end of the year with so many celebrations all together) gift of tickets to see "McCubbin: Last Impressions 1907-1917" at the State Art Gallery.
It was really great! I love the serenity of art galleries, especially the special exhibits where randoms don't just waltz in, rather there are (hopefully) fewer people and an overall more interested crowd. Also people are on the whole, more polite regarding picture-viewing etiquette.
My favourite painting was one of his son in costume: Louis McCubbin (as a boy in fancy dress) c.1908 I loved how Francis had captured the eyes... they were the key to me and also I loved how you could tell the quality of the fabric, and the richness of the colours of the costume... it was beautiful! Check it out here.
I was a little disappointed though that they had no postcards of the exhibition in the shop I thought that would have been an epic addition to the post out, so I will have to construct my own.

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