Sunday, 14 February 2010

I love eating Easter eggs when it's not Easter!

Happy Chinese New Year!
Happy Valentines Day!

Yesterday I was at Woolies and noticed that all the asians were buying HEAPS of orange, yellow and red fruits!... I had to almost fight one lady for some nice red-globe grapes, and there were sadly only a few, tiny, apricots left in the barrel, and don't even start me on mangoes! later in the afternoon Nat and I were on our way out to ravage the local Good Sammies, and I was exclaiming at what I had seen earlier... Nat was like "duh Molly it's Chinese new year!!" apparently the yellow/orange/red round fruits symbolise so many good omens in Chinese culture that you get heaps of them on CNY for good luck. here were some that I could remember Nat's mum reeling off:
Eternity (circle),
Good Harvest,
and so many more...
so that's why Chinese restaurants always have circle tables, and that's why I ate 2 gold Easter eggs today... it's totally because of CNY :D

Have a good one!


P.S. Tonight is a new moon... perfect for playing Spotto in the park!

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