Friday, 31 December 2010

5 Photos 5 Facts

Great idea from Meet Me at Mike's via Goodnight Little Spoon, I have been tidying my room a touch, organising some of my memories from this almost passed year of awesomeness. Twenty-Ten has bee a great one for me and now that I feel like I'm on the right path I can not wait for Twenty-Eleven!

> I still have one of my baby teeth, the dentists assure me it will be there forever as there is no 'adult' one underneath.
> I am drawn toward things that are old, they have stories written in their cracks and stains that I wish I could discover.
> I like games, be they of the board, ball, silent, car, or silly variety.
> My favourite bird is a Flamingo, my favourite slimy thing is a Frog, my favourite mammal is a Polar Bear.
> I have been told by 6 bouncers this year that I should get my driver's license photo re-taken because I look like a clown.

Congratulations to Zoe, Felicity and Ariadne, being the only 3 to enter my giveaway, They have won a set of my envelopes each.

Happy New Year!!

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  1. Those bouncers sound like jack holes. : /

    Your room looks like a wonderful place to hang out, it's so fun and colorful! I love flamingos too!! : )