Friday, 26 November 2010


This week has been dominated by books!
I actually got no post all week apart for the delivery of two lovely volumes on Tuesday. "How to be an Explorer of the World" by Keri Smith came form The Book Depository - my neighbour told me about this website, I really wish he hadn't because there are SO MANY BOOKS I WANT TO BUY RIGHT NOW. Sadly my bank account will not accommodate my aspirations for a personal library. This is such an interesting book about the creative process or SEEING the world. It has lots of little activities to do to catalougue what you see to make it understandable. Kind of mapping experiences which is my current obsession!

Also on Tuesday my copy of the first edition of "The Pedestrian" came. I was super excited to crack open the spine on this lovely! The whole deal is it is a collection of essays about the ordinary. I've read a couple this week during breaks at work and the such and wish I had had it 6 weeks ago for uni!! I am waiting with bated breath for the following copies which I have on subscription.

Lastly my mum was in Sydney for work this week and she so kindly bought me back a great little art history book by the best ever in the world art book publisher PHAIDON (seriously is there a book they have published you couldn't want??) - "The Art Book". This one has a little summary of important European artists in alphabetical order. It's really quite handy and interesting!

Also I finished Harry Potter and felt sad. I still have to see the movie though... Hope it rocks my socks off :)

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