Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Hi, my name is Molly and I'm an IKEA catalogue addict.

It's been 12 hours since i flipped through one, marvelling at the minimalist design prowess of the northern Europeans. Their bold colours, their light perfectly sanded wood, their allen-key construction methods.
It seemed appropriate that I began my creative diary with my current obsession - Detournement of tourist postcards and IKEA catalogue images. I started it with my Uni project made up of an original 9 postcards - I had received them in swaps, and was slightly unsure of what to do with them as it would be a bit odd to receive an Alcatraz postcard from Perth Western Australia.

I continued it the other day for the "altered ad card swap" on swapbot:

I enjoy this contrast of these two groups of objects. IKEA's very engineered/designed products that we use as consumers to assert our individuality (which is slightly ironic) or belonging to a certain group of society and create our 'home' with - they define or build our 'own' space within this world - our sanctury. Versus the ideal/famous images created to sell a location - Miami beach, the infamous Alcatraz island, the best aspects of a place - why you would want to visit. These are very public images linked with the identity of a place that nobody owns as such.
I also love the crazy scale weirdness you get to play with!

So anyway that was day 1 on my adventure!

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