Sunday, 17 October 2010

004 & 005

Friday I went to Dim Sum with my food girls. We try to go out for lunch every Friday (uni assignments and bank accounts permitting) I love the bamboo steamer stacks, and how the ladies sift through them all instinctively knowing where everything is hidden in the abyss. The best stuff to have a the 'Northbridge Chinese Restaurant' is the black bean tripe (ok I know TRIPE ewww, but this is really good, and the best black bean sauce EVER!), pork rice flour rolls with heaps of sauce, yam cakes, and the lovely fresh bows. and about a billion other things!
Yesterday night was the last night of Dandiya (part of the Navrati celebrations) it's like a folk dance thing where you clap sticks with partners that rotate around and around dressed up as only Indians can! It's a bit of a tradition for my group of friends to go, as one of them is Gujurati (the state where the dances originated) so his family is really into it. I painted the dandia sticks this morning.

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