Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Some of the funky bits falling through my mailbox in the last few weeks:

Wonderwoman Aerogram From Carrie discussing the strangeness of internet communication... I share her sentiments exactly!

Mail Art Swap

Ist Airmail envie ever!! lame thing to be excited about but it was super cool :)

Notepads/envies I had ordered off Etsy

Letter Writers Alliance Membership arrived! and WOW a badge (my other rad obsession/ collection)

Stamp swap on Swapbot from the lovely tsireldi. Another cool Aerogram - I think I'm gonna have a go at making a couple of these they are pretty cool, but how are you meant to open them?

Postcrossing (Finland)

Postcrossing (USA)

My friend Amberley is moving house in Melbourne, so she returned all of the Hindi movies I have let her borrow... and a few of her own for me to check out and hold on to while she changes abodes. So no kidding 5 big yellow parcels arrived on my doorstep last week - lucky for her she works for the ABC and just uses their postage paid envelopes the sneaky bugger otherwise it would have cost a fortune!

Postcrossing - China

Penpals with a postcard twist swap #3 - I love this swap and have a done it a couple of times now... I just could not let go of this Avant card advertising a vintage Eames furniture shop.. I'll keep it to remind me of the beautiful furniture I will never be able to afford!


  1. Excellent mail! Carrie is a lovely correspondent. I'm glad you are a LWA member too! I love airmail envelopes too :)

  2. I totally agree! Carrie's letter was the bomb!