Thursday, 3 June 2010

Well maybe I'll be a Artist...?

So this week has been epic exciting!
Tuesday I received an email from Curtin regarding my interview for course switching to art, it is scheduled for Wednesday and I promptly got really really worried!
That evening I Finished my 6-week drawing class with the adorable Elizabeth at the Fremantle Arts Centre. We had the coolest life model, she was joking and singing all night! It was a great way to finish off. I had a opportunity to chat with Elizabeth afterwards about what to put in my folio to show off at the interview, and she was very encouraging about my work (Massive ego boost!).
I sent out most of my packages for before I leave to Europe, and am starting to realise that it might be a good idea to pull out my suitcase and see what will fit. But I do have my International Drivers License, so I can now LEGALLY drive in any country in the world!
And my letterbox has been getting a bit of a workout with some swaps beginning to filter in... So many from super cool places, check it out!

Afternoon Tea swap from Teresa (Portugal)

Flower cards from Kristine (USA)

Flower cards from KathyP (surprisingly from Perth too!)

Turkish tram card from Nicahat (Turkey)

Letter from Merimax (Slovenia)

PC's from Roseanne (Texas), Tabitha (New Jersey), and Keliekia (Hawii)

And just as i have been writing this, and waiting fro the pics to upload, there has been a MASSIVE dragonfly hovering outside my window!


  1. That swap thing you're doing is awesome! I would do it, but I'm so slack. Are you keeping up with sending swaps out? :)

  2. so cute and fun!! Happy Friday! Have a great sunny weekend!