Monday, 29 March 2010

Sunday 28/Mar

Today I went with my mum to the Perth Upmarket in the recently storm-ravaged Winthrop Hall at UWA. It is a massive collection of hand crafted items. It filled the main hall, entrance, and the large room underneath! With so many stalls to peruse, and a limited time (as I had work) it was a very colourful haze of quirky wares. Here are a few of the favourite things I saw:
  • Super cool hand painted shoes by SamanthaHughes (who doesn't want tentacles on thier cons?)
  • Amazingly delicate silver jewellery by Jasmin Jones
  • Very stylish 100% wool felt bits from Bug & Megs
  • A stall from local design house Pigeonhole
  • And (my only purchase... see how well restrained I was!) really snazzy little coin purses from B.H.O.
P.S. I am getting embarrassed by how large "shopping" is becoming in the labels side-bar.

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