Friday, 26 March 2010

Monday 22/Mar

Well today was the day of the big Perth storm! What started out as a muggy, sunny day where I was relishing the air-con at Ikea turned into the flipping apocalypse! The lights went out twice in Ikea, we got outside and luckily found that the car had escaped hail damage, But it took us 2 HOURS to get home (generally it takes 20min) we had to keep dodging puddles (or rivers!) that had sprung up and were too deep to drive through! and a couple of times it was raining so heavily that we could not see past the car in front of us (luckily we were at a stand-still for about 20min at that point!) We arrived home to a very stressed dog courtesy of a brilliant lightning show, and sail-shades ripped to shreds by 120km/hr winds. What an event.

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